Friday, March 27, 2009

Flyin' Away

In about two hours I am headed to the airport. I am going to be in Washington DC for 9 whole days; no German, no Dude.

Before you start thinking that I have gone crazy, know that I am going to be a delegate during Overseas Americans Week. This annual event is put together by the three largest organizations representing expat interests. We present our interest to congress in an attempt to make sure that people do not forget that almost 5 million Americans live abroad. And we have issues . . . not the kind that require therapy. I am going over to put in my two cents regarding voting issues.

At the beginning I was very excited about helping and participating, but now . . .

I woke up at 4am from a dream in which the Dude was crying and would not calm down. When he finally went to sleep (in my dream), we woke back up at 2am and only wanted to be with mom.

Yes, definite feelings of guilt there. If a man left his wife and one year old for a business trip, no one would comment. However, I feel like a the worst mother in the world to be going. The funny thing is, the other mom's in my play groups have been very supportive. "Big city? No baby? No husband? Take me with you!"

The German is also very supportive, although last night he looked at me with his panic face, "You are coming back right?" No worries, I will always come back for my boys.


headbang8 said...

Fantastic, Claire. Very worthwhile.

It's an opportunity for dad and dude both to grow a little, perhaps?

jen said...

I know Claire, I'm so excited for you. Go have a great time changing the world. The Little Dude has so much to be proud of with you.

Anonymous said...

You have perfect timing...the weather is warming up, the Cherry Blossom festival starts tomorrow, and the trees are starting to bloom :)

The German said...

The weather is uarrgh in Wildeshausen, the little Dude likes MC Donalds, the house is still on the ground, we made it........Day one
The German

J said...

At first I thought you were going to officially accept your cabinet position.

Have a great time and let us know all about it, and thanks for representing us!

Ms. Lolly said...

Congratulations on accepting such a fantastic opportunity! I think in the long run you'll be so happy that you did this for yourself.

Just the fact that you have guilt means that you're a great mama! Having been the one left behind to take care of the kids I can tell you that they get into a new routine really quickly. Since he'll be with people who love him, you can bet that he'll be getting all sorts of doting attention. And when you get back his face will absolutely light up and he'll be no the worse for wear! Plus The German is sooo going to appreciate you even more at the end :-)