Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He can expolde from the other end, too.

I was going to write a post later in the week updating you on all the things the Dude has learned to do over the past few weeks. Last night, however, he demonstrated a new trick that could not wait.

We are very blessed with our baby. He is such a good sleeper, so when he gets restless in the night, I often worry. The exploding poop, thankfully, was just a small blip. It also proved to be a coming attraction.

Around 1:30am this morning I awoke to the sound of the Dude crying. It was nothing heavy duty, more of a mewing really. Sometimes he throws his teddy bear out of the crib and wants it back later. So I got up and stumbled down the hall. I turned on the hall light and stepped into his room. I could smell the vomit from the doorway.

As I looked down in his crib, the Dude looked up at me with tired eyes as if to say, "Mom . . . WTF!" He was clutching his bear and still had his pacifier in his mouth. Other than the fact that he was sleeping in the wrong direction, nothing seemed out of order; that and the vomit that was all over his clothes, bed and crib.

I immediately went into calm mommy mode. Because of the exploding poop incident, I always have fresh PJs, sheets, teddy bear and sleeping sack in the closet. I took everything out and put it on the bed. I got a wet towel to clean things up with and started to undress the Dude and strip the bed, putting the soiled items in a pile in the middle of the room.

The entire time only the hall light was on and all I made was soft soothing noises. This was intended to keep the Dude calm and from completely waking up. The German had to come in and help me finish making the bed. Everything took about 15 minutes, and remarkably, the Dude went right back to sleep.

Because the smell really grossed me out, I immediately put everything in the washing machine. After getting a drink I went back to bed, but I was WIDE AWAKE. Also, the smell of vomit had gotten into my skin and it was all I could think about.

I have no idea what brought that on last night. We have been weening him off formula and giving him regular milk. Needless to say, I gave him formula this morning.

This morning the Dude got up at 8am. When I went in he was still pretty sleepy. There was still the lingering smell and I realized that he had even hit the carpet, which led to me scrubbing on my hands and knees while the Dude pretended to climb Mount Mommy. From the position of the baby when I saw him (on his stomach laying in a crooked position) and the splatter of the vomit on the bed and floor, I determined that he must have been lying sideways on his stomach when he woke up and got sick . . . I could really work for CSI.

Motherhood, isn't it grand?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the jungle....of parenthood

Your poly sci friend at Wabash College

Carrie said...

If he's allergic to milk, would it make him explode from that end? Or maybe her just had too much milk at one time- sometimes I want to puke after chugging milk. And wasn't there a frat at Radford that would make their pledges chug milk until the puked?

But, thanks for adding one more story to my "con" side of having babies. I'm really leaning to the side of adopting a 5 year old.

Alice said...

Oh how icky and gross!

You amaze me in how you handled it! WTG mama!!

How has the nilk been since? Bubba Joe had a milk protein allergy as does his sis ... not fun.