Thursday, April 23, 2009

I blame the Computer

Yes, I know that my blogging has been somewhat sporadic over the past few months. 3 posts in January and 2 in March is pretty bad. Not only have I not been writing, but I have also not been reading others. I sort of went underground. But I do have an excuse; I blame the computer. No, my laptop did not die. I got a new one.

My old Toshiba is about 6 years old. My grandfather got it for me when I was doing my field research in Germany. He could not believe that I did not have internet access. "In this day and age!" The Old Girl served me well. The hard drive had to be replaced once, but other than that I did not see the need for a new one.

But, she started to get slower; not all of the new programs worked. Also, the keyboard was starting to stick and the word "Enter" was fading from view. As someone who has been in a long marriage, I started contemplating trading her in.

The New Yorker offered to help me out. Because I usually work more hours than I am paid, I had stocked up some credits. Buy getting me a laptop, we could even things out and she could deduct a company expense. It was a win-win situation. So, I took the plunge.

The New Toshiba is shiny and big. She is faster and has a better memory. But for the first few weeks I did not really use it. I felt like I was cheating on my old computer. Eventually though she lured me away from the past. Isn't she pretty?

Not everything about the "new" is good. For example, all of my blogged bookmarks are on the old laptop. Without the bookmarks, I did not think to check on my friends. Her speed got me addicted to watching TV on the net. Instead of writing, I ate potato chips and downloaded Grey's Anatomy (legally, from itunes, of course). The New Girl began to instigate some bad habits.

Yesterday I said, "Enough!" I went through my blog and updated my links. It is a good thing, too, because some of you have moved!

All in all I am satisfied with my New Girl, but I HATE Vista; well not so much Vista as the 2007 version of Microsoft Office. I cannot find anything! And its all in German! Ugh. I have decided to uninstall it and reinstall my English 2003 Office. It is a little bit better, and at least I can understand the help function if I cannot find something.

Furthermore, not all of my old software programs work on the New Girl. For example, there is no driver for my digital camera. I have to download all the pictures on the Old Girl and then transfer them. How screwed up is that! I feel like Microsoft is in cahoots with Fuji to force me to get a new camera.

So, I told you that I had an excuse about the blogging. I did not say that it was a good one. However, I am trying to mend my ways. Bear with me and we will figure things out.

"Hi, my name is Claire, and I am a new laptop abuser."


headbang8 said...

Ah, but you haven't updated all of your links!

Warmest regards, HB8.

Snooker said...

Office 2007 Sucks!Very happy to see your name pop up in my Blogroll.
As for the camera... do your pictures get saved onto a memory card of some sort? If so, you could remove the card and put it into a card reader. This way you wouldn't need the old computer for the picture transfer.

Ms. Lolly said...

If you are digging watching tv online, you gotta check out Hula. It's free and it is awesome.

I'm thinking of making the move to Mac but am pretty much a PC gal so this was really helpful. Thanks!

vailian said...

I can really sympathise-- when I got a new laptop I felt like I was cheating on my old one... but I gave it to my daughter and can touch it now and again.
The bookmark problem: Use the Opera browser and activate the Synchronise function: now whenever you use Opera on whatever machine, your bookmarks are identical. (Since I work on several computers, this is a real godsend)