Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twittering is for the Birds

Back in February I visited Jen down in Boweltown. She introduced me to Tilman and he and Sparky tried to introduce me to some new technology. You see, I had no idea what “Twittering” was. is a website that provides “micro-blogging” services. You can write a post, similar to a blog, but not no more than 140 characters. Started in 2006 (2007?), “twittering” has become the “it” thing to do in the internet.

I have decided that it is a load of crap.

First, Twittering is different from blogging in that it lends itself best to real time updates of important events. Blogging involves more of a narrative. When Brian Williams visited Jon Stewart at the Daily Show, he was asked if he “tweeted.” “Nothing in my life is that interesting.” If the anchor of the Nightly News does not have anything interesting to report, then my life certainly does not rank either.

Second, like Blogging and Facebook, Twitter seems to be an internet fad. My opinion on this was reinforced by the Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN smack down . . . not really . . . more of a one sided challenge that resulted in an anticlimactic end. When then next big thing comes along, I am certain that Ashton will move on with it and his 1 million tweets as well.

Finally, I am not sure that the constant 24 hour update is necessary. Do I really need to know what a congressman is thinking DURING the speech of the president? Couldn’t I just listen to the speech myself and form my own opinion and then may listen to him later?

Twitter, Facebook and other “social networks” reinforce those horrible high school experiences in which the person who has the most friends, i.e. popularity, wins. I spent years coming to terms with the fact that I don’t need to be everyone’s darling. Am I less of a person because I don’t have tweets? I am going with no.

When I joined Facebook, it was to get in touch with friends from the past. But in the past few months, it has only led to contacts from people I don’t remember or ex-boyfriends who dumped me but now want to be “friends.” It is frankly a little bizarre.


vailian said...

I am with you 100% here. Twitter is cute but basically a fad which will fade in a year or two-- probably supplanted by some sort of video or audio squallings, or as I shall christen them, Squeets.
It is so refreshing to have a subscription to the New Yorker, where every line is considered and fact-checked. Can't say that about much else these days.

Anonymous said...

Don't care to twitter either, but do have a facebook page. Who is the ex????
Love Mom

ian in hamburg said...

I like to say that Twitter is like blogging only shorter and more pointless.

Ask anyone on Twitter why they like it and you'll never get a satisfying answer. It's amazing considering some appear to be on there every waking moment of their lives.

Seriously, who the fzck cares whether you've just gotten up or about to go to bed? Why bother?

I use it to automatically tweet blog post updates, not much else.

J said...

I totally agree with you (and made a similar post a while back).

Rositta said...

I find this twitter think kind of weird actually. I have a facebook account only to keep track of what my grandkids are up to but I didn't put anything on my profile page. One day soon I'll figure out how to delete it altogether. Blogging is enough for me and sometimes I think of quitting that as well...ciao

Ms. Lolly said...

I love this post! My initial reaction to Twitter is why the hell would I care what you had for breakfast? And I still pretty much feel that way. Alas, I actually had to get on Twitter for my job. One fun aspect is linking up with politicians and seeing them try and be pithy on issues. It never ends well. The only real benefit I can see is that Twitter does let you notify oodles of people at once so for organizations or movements there is some value.

But Facebook, oh baby am I in love! It's like the high school reunion with none of the awkward small talk. The best part is reconnecting with friends from grade school and finding out that there are still reasons for us to be friends :-) But I do keep a mean, lean friends list and say no to more friends requests than I accept. I just don't get how you can really keep up with 500+ people.

Carrie said...

I can't say I have a nagging urge to twitter throughout my day, but I do love Facebook. While I, too have run into people I don't want to run into, I have gotten back in touch with people and have found it an interesting way to keep up with friends that I see evryday and friends that I see once a year...hint hint. Of course, since you use your blog more often, I tend to refer to this more so than your facebook.