Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Et Tu, Governor?

Do you know this guy?

So do I. In fact, I voted for him once a long time ago. You KNOW I have got something to say about this. However, I am tried and do not want to get myself all worked up. Therefore, I will be back tomorrow to deal with this insanity.

(I think he looks strangely like Dad-Squared. Although I am confident that Dad-Squared was not in Argentina over the weekend.)


Anonymous said...

no dad was not there and does not know anyone from there!!!

Ms. Lolly said...

The Mark Sanford debacle is something that just makes me want to rip my hair out. This guy could have been the future of the Republican Party. What I like about him is that he took on his own Party's leaders in his own state. Actually it was probably them who ratted him out. When will these cats learn to keep it in their pants? Seriously.

cliff1976 said...

Ms. Lolly,

I would like to know more about your opinion reflected here. Can you please elaborate?

The way I read it, it sounds like you think his chances at leadership within his party are shot because he couldn't "keep it in his pants."

The part that I don't get: what is the relationship of pants-keeping to leadership potential?

In other words: has his lack of pants-keeping revealed to you his unsuitability to lead in politics? That is to say, that adulterers are not acceptable politicians?

Or are you merely lamenting his lack of discretion?

Side note: oddly, the word verification on this comment is "moote."

Ms. Lolly said...

Hi Cliff1976,

I absolutely think it is possible to govern while having questionable private life morals. Certainly there are considerable parallels to be found in politics for effective statesmen who had issues of infidelity. The list is almost too numerous to mention. But it is a fact of American politics that infidelity torpedo a political career, especially of someone looking to gain a higher office.

No, my anger is two-fold. First, Sanford had a tremendous opportunity to be a real voice for conservative politics and to help move the Party away from the pseudo conservatism of the religious right and George Bush. He was on everyone's short list to be the 2012 nominee and his record on core issues is consistent and almost unimpeachable. As he admitted in his press conference yesterday. He knew he was throwing away the chance to be President and he did it anyway. That's his prerogative. But come to that decision before people have invested time, energy and faith in your professed objectives. Essentially he chose personal happiness over serving the public good. I'm just sick of these politicians undermining real issues to get laid.

Second, if we are to believe his account of events, he went incognito from his job for five days. That to me is the real offense. SC is in a real mess right now and you're going to jet off and leave people hanging for 5 days to see your mistress? In any other job, that would get you fired.

cliff1976 said...

Thanks for the clarification Ms. Lolly — it sounds to me like I share your opinion. I just couldn't quite tell until you elaborated.