Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jobs and Kids and yada, yada, yada

It is 1pm on a Sunday afternoon. The Dude got up a little early this morning, so he was pretty tired when I put him down at 11am for a nap. He is still sleeping. My biggest blessing in the world (besides my sexy, super husband) is a baby who LOVES to nap.

So I just spent a few hours working on my research newsletter and putting together some emails for work. Still need to print out the test I am giving in my English class tomorrow, but then I am done for work for the day. I even had about 20 minutes to eat a diet pudding and surf the Internet. I came across this.

Thought provoking and right on so many levels.

Up this afternoon: the pool with the boys. When the Dude goes to bed tonight at 7, I will probably do another hour of work and then sit on my patio with the German and a bottle of wine.

I will never be a tenured professor, but when I think of all that I have, I am completely okay with it.


Ms. Lolly said...

Great job with the newsletter!! I know overseas votes was a real issue in the PA primaries but not so much with regard to Ohio. So your chart on the UOCAVA estimate was pretty interesting to me. How often will the newsletter be coming out? It is especially relevant with the brouhaha over the US Census right now so I'd be interested in reading more.

And on a totally trivial note, mucho cuteness in that picture :-)

Claire said...

The next newsletter will be coming out next week. I finished editing it and know the graphic designer is formatting it. It should be monthly, but might become every two months.

I am pretty proud of it! It is like my second kid.