Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Health Care Reform is Funny

Remember people, health care reform can be funny. Okay, not so much health care reform, but some of the arguments against it.


THE GERMAN said...

Dear USA. I´m not in the position to write something about a topic, I am not involved. BUT-what is this all about? More Goverment? Since 2001 the Goverment is in every houshold more, then everywhere else and homeland security is only one of the programs.
Is it, because it is to expensive:
Hmm AIG, GM, Citibank, Chrysler, Fanny Mae, Freddy----they neede so much money,--if the US would have put that money to start a healthcare system- It would be set up by now.
Is it the competition:
Hmmm, is my health really a thing, that competition is the best way to get me feeling better.
I think it has nothing to do with competition.
What about the sickness: If somebody who can´t afford medication gets ill- isn´t this person a pool which means he is responsibel for the sickness of other people, maybe I got sick.
Wouldn´t it be better that he can visit my doctor, for free, that I don´t get his whatver he has, because, if he gets sick, I have to protect me and my family not to get sick?
Or is it only because somebody told you healthcare for everybody is pure socialism.
Didn´t FORD want that everybody could afford a car- was Ford a socialist?
Didn´t Bush gave everbody a tax return-STATE MONEY-isn´t tha a little bit of socialism?
Didn´t Starbucks pay every worker his healthinsurance...
-is starbucks not looking for their shareholder value
For an european it is really hard to understand why americans are so frightend about healthcare for everybody-is it something that I don´t want share with my frinds, because good healthcare is a staus symbol.
Or is it-why can fly to the moon, we are only a few steps away from the Mars but we do not wanna have healthcare for everybody-
Please- There must be an answer outside there...
I wish everybody good health and please, don´t think this is mean, it is a real question-
WHY Healthcare-

Anonymous said...

People who bandy around this "Obama's a socialist" nonsense should be made to live in a truly socialist country for a few years and see how they feel about Obama. (And by socialist country, I don't mean any country in the Eurozone.)

excludedmiddle4 said...

What tools. Obama's bill guarantees $50+ BILLION a year in new insurance revenues through mandates to pay for the costs of an unhealthy population. Insurance stocks have already skyrocketed at the news. All these rich, smug actors have done is to show just how insulated and ignorant they are. What a bunch of huffpost narcissists.

Will Ferrell... say it ain't so man!