Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Alive!

Today is going to be a two post day . . .

For those who are interested, Smarty Jones lives on.

Thursday afternoon we discovered that if you crawl through the back that you can open the door from the inside; well the passenger door, not the driver's door, which the German had broken. The battery was okay, but we still could not get the car to turn on. Hmm.

My father-in-law, KH, got back from vacation on Thursday. When we informed him of the situation, he immediately said, "I'll fix it!" In my head I thought, "I think the car's computer needs to be hooked up, but okay."

KH and the German circled the car on Friday afternoon, ready to pounce. After trying many things, the German went inside to look something up on the computer. He came out and said, "Someone in an Internet forum suggest resetting the computer by disconnecting the battery completely and then reattaching it." And . . . it worked! I will be darned if the car did not start right up!

That only left the problem of the door. On Thursday, the German went to the Smart dealer, who told him that he probably just needed a new cable. On Friday, the German and KH took the door apart and fixed the cable. 28 Euro and a few hours later . . . done!

We did not call the ADAC. We did not have to get the car towed. It just cost 28 Euros and a few hours (and a little bit of pride to get it fixed). I am a bit disappointed. "New car for Claire" negations and discussions had begun and have no stopped. Come on, Sweetie. If I get a new car, I promise that I won't let the Dude touch it.

For those who are on the "terrible mother" bandwagon. I am sure that the Dude is going to break something else in the future. Strangely, we took the entire situation pretty calmly. Isn't stupid stuff part of being a parent? Also, the Dude is ALWAYS in eye sight. I know what he is capable of and I try to keep him out of trouble. And finally, I did not get mad at the Dude nor did I yell at him. It was my fault. I am the adult and take responsibility for what happens. I always have.

So, now that that saga is over . . . later today . . . Post-Election Bash: Germany Edition!


J said...

A mixed bag, I guess. I'm happy that Smarty is still alive but I'm sad that ""New car for Claire" negations and discussions" have ended.

Anonymous said...

All's swell that ends swell!


honeypiehorse said...

I'm sorry to hear the solution was so inexpensive and convenient. Better luck next time.