Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Poor Neglected Blog

Last week I got an email from my Grandfather. "Haven't they buried John Hughes yet?" That is when I realized that my poor blog has taken a beating. It's not the blog's fault really. It sits there patiently day in and day out waiting for me to come back.

Things were very busy in August. I finished up a research project and flew to Toronto last week to make a presentation at the American Political Science Association conference. The trip, presentation and paper were a complete success. However all of the work on my paper has lead to a somewhat new relationship to my computer.

The Laptop is now a "Work Area." It is the old ball and chain. When ever I sit down "for fun," all I want to do is watch John Stewart and check the scores. Writing, especially creatively, has been a bit draining lately. I don't think that I am the only one feeling this way, though. Some of my other expat blogger buddies have also taken it down a notch. I won't mention names; but I do understand.

Anyway, so life goes on. Another politician from South Carolina makes me love my state just a little more. People have made wild and crazy claims about health care in Germany WHICH ARE SIMPLY NOT TRUE. There is an election coming up in Germany soon, which has led to wild and crazy campaign posters ALL OVER THE PLACE.

The Dude has learned to push the chair to the fridge to get out the juice and turn on the stove. Today I caught him trying to stick keys into my office door, which I now lock because otherwise he opens the door and turns on my laptop just to push the mouse around. He notices that not all the keys are the same and I have a sinking feeling it will not be long until he can unlock the door. Also in the Dude's bag of tricks, knowing the difference between blue and green (and saying it), attempting to count "one, two, three," and looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes and saying, "Cookie, bitte." Does not matter if it is 8am and he just had breakfast, I cannot resist, I always cave and give him the damn cookie.

When I was at the conference last week, I went to a panel on internet websites and group mobilization. An older gentleman (how old? older than my dad, younger than my Grandfather) was sitting in my row. He had a mini-laptop on his knees and every few minutes he would furiously punch the keys. I craned my neck and it suspiciously looked like Facebook. Later we were discussing the impact of the 'net on civic participation, he cried out, "Blogging is SO over! Social networks are the future!" It took everything I had not too burst out laughing.

So, fingers crossed, I will get my butt in gear and start posting again.


Snooker said...

Good to see you back in my blogroll.

So if I ask for a cookie and bat my green eyes, would you give me one too?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Oh yes, Blogging is SO over.

I am kind of new here... but seem to like the blog.

christina said...

Nooo, blogging is NOT so over. We're just taking a little nap, right? :-)

We really need a "Cookie, bitte" video!

Claire said...

Snooker, of course I would give you a cookie!

Sands, welcome! There is a little bit of everything here, just don't expect too much. LOL.

Christina: I wanted to laugh because I thought about us and how we have been . . . uh, less than motivated lately. Cookie video: I will try, but every time I try to film him, he stops the cuteness and tries to grab the camera!

D-USA said...

My Blog has suffered since I joined Facebook. It seems hard to write meaningful posts when I can just send a quick status update.

But reading all the other Blogs on my Blogroll, it seems like there is a general Blog fatigue coming over many people.