Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Return to Deutschland

After what turned out to be one of our best trips to the US, we all came back to Germany about 11 days ago. The trip back was in some ways frustrating (NWA has changed their luggage allowance policy, only one per person on intercontinental flights) and also better (the Dude slept most of the way).

Getting over the jet lag was difficult. For a week the Dude would go to bed peacefully at 7pm only to wake up at 9pm and cry for two hours. Someone said to me, "Well, you know it is only two hours and at least it is still early in the evening." Right. But when you are exhausted yourself and only want to go to bed, it can be the LONGEST TWO HOURS OF YOUR LIFE.

There were many highlights to the trip, one being the Detroit Zoo. I know, I know. I also thought, "Detroit has a zoo? How good can that be?" Turns out pretty darn good. The Detroit Zoo is one of the oldest in the US and was designed by the same German who designed the Hamburg Zoo. We went in the afternoon, in the middle of the week.

It was pretty empty (and a bit windy), so we had prime viewing of the animals, who were actually awake. The tigers, lions and bears all were moving around and kept looking at us like, "Hey! Where's my dinner?" The best was the polar bear exhibit, which features a pool and Plexiglases so that you can watch the polar bears play. The male bear was swimming up to the glass and splashing around. The Dude giggled and patted the glass; clearly having no clue that the bear could probably swallow him whole.

The Detroit Zoo . . . pretty awesome. Who knew!?

Since being back I have had a bit of what I call the "blahs." No desire to work. Sick of cleaning and ironing. Weather is not good enough to take the kid for a walk. Just blah. I have to say, it is a little frustrating as I actually have work to do and am hosting a Halloween Party on Saturday . . . maybe time to get off my duff?

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