Friday, March 27, 2009

Flyin' Away

In about two hours I am headed to the airport. I am going to be in Washington DC for 9 whole days; no German, no Dude.

Before you start thinking that I have gone crazy, know that I am going to be a delegate during Overseas Americans Week. This annual event is put together by the three largest organizations representing expat interests. We present our interest to congress in an attempt to make sure that people do not forget that almost 5 million Americans live abroad. And we have issues . . . not the kind that require therapy. I am going over to put in my two cents regarding voting issues.

At the beginning I was very excited about helping and participating, but now . . .

I woke up at 4am from a dream in which the Dude was crying and would not calm down. When he finally went to sleep (in my dream), we woke back up at 2am and only wanted to be with mom.

Yes, definite feelings of guilt there. If a man left his wife and one year old for a business trip, no one would comment. However, I feel like a the worst mother in the world to be going. The funny thing is, the other mom's in my play groups have been very supportive. "Big city? No baby? No husband? Take me with you!"

The German is also very supportive, although last night he looked at me with his panic face, "You are coming back right?" No worries, I will always come back for my boys.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Curious Case of the Exploding Diarrhea

When the Dude was still very small, we got lots of gifts. I got about 30 bibs, most of which I never used. My MIL brought over a liner for the bed. I could not imagine that it would be useful, but I smiled and said thanks and put it on the bed. Then I forgot about it for a year.

Because the Dude had not done enough to terrorize the family, he started exploding in the night about three weeks ago. That is when I learned why the liner was so important.

Three weeks ago, only a few days after his birthday, the Dude started crying around 3am. This is a little unusual as the Dude actually tends to sleep through the night. As soon as I opened the door, however, I could smell the difference. With only the nightlight to guide me I pulled off his blank to see that diarrhea was all over the bed. It had gone through the diaper, through the PJs, through the sleeping sack and onto the bed. Yes, imagine what a mess that was for a moment . . .

The German quickly joined me and we stripped the bed and the baby. It took about 45 minutes to get everything cleaned up and to put the baby back to bed. Yes, by that time we had turned on the light. But by 4am, the Dude thought this was all hilarious and did not want to go back to sleep.

But we are pretty tough parents and he cried until 4:45am until falling back asleep . . . in his bed. The Dude does not sleep with us ever. Our bed is a playpen for him and I certainly was not letting him in my bed after a display like that.

This pattern has repeated itself about 4 times over the past few weeks. Mostly though he waits until about 6am before exploding. How nice. We have tried EVERYTHING: bananas, taking away the milk, crackers, oatmeal, anything to put a cork in it so to speak. But the Dude is about as tough as his parents and the loose stool has ensued for 3 weeks.

For the first two weeks we could not figure out what was going on. Teething? Growth spurt? Latent anger at his parents? I did not take him to the doctor because there was really nothing wrong. He ate well. He had fun playing and going places. He laughed and giggled. And when not $hitting all over the place, he slept well.

Last Friday though I had had enough. We went to the doctor and she said, "Probably just a virus and it needs to run its course. These things usually take about 3 weeks." Well that is just great. However, today, three weeks to the day, he had a semi-normal poop. Yeah! I wanted to do a little dance.

Unfortunately, he has passed on this virus to everyone else in the family. My MIL and the German have had it since Friday. Me, I had it for 12 hours on Saturday. That's it. The German thinks that my cast iron stomach caused by the American junk food that I ate as a child has made me immune to these things. He may be right.

So . . . how have you been?