Saturday, March 13, 2010

Summit 2010

Next week I will be speaking at event in Munich, Germany.

Summit 2010 is a conference designed to constructively address overseas and military voting issues and challenges that we face today.

The event is open to all interested overseas citizen voters, members of the military and foreign services and their families, students, advocates, technologists, innovators, members of congress, election officials, secretaries of state, academics and members of the press.

If you will be in Munich and are interested, please register and join us! There are special rates and discounts available.

Click on the logo above for details!


Snooker said...

I'm sooo proud of you!
Sorry that I won't be able to attend though.

LizE said...

This look really interesting. Congrats! I woke up to the frack fest that is this health care debate today and decided to go shopping instead. I can't decide if the coverage is funny or a sign of an impending apocalypse :D

Little Green said...

I would love some more information on this. I had basically given up all hope of voting while living overseas. I don't think it is worth voting absentee because they don't count them until after the win is announced. Maybe I am just ill informed.