Friday, March 12, 2010

Squeals of Delight

Squeals of delight erupted from my hair dresser yesterday when I walked into the salon and said, "You know what. Just cut it all off!"

Not only was I feeling the need to for a change because of the (finally!) warmer weather, but something new to match my new career direction. Also, I had a bit of an accident two weeks ago.

I had invited over 8 kids and moms to celebrate the Dude's second birthday. As the door bell rang, I bent over to open the front of the fire place to throw in another log. At that precise moment flames leaped out and attacked my hair.

Surprisingly I did not freak out at the smell of my singed hair. My friend, however, noticed the smell as soon as I opened the door. Wrinkling her nose she said, "I hope that is not the cake." "Oh, no, that's just me."

After three months of not going to the hair dresser, everything was too long, dry and singed. So my hair dresser, K, got very excited and pulled out her straight razor! She was so happy, I think she has wanted to do this for years. This was the result.

It is a little bit too short and red for my taste. I am afraid that I am going over into that awful red color that too many middle age German women find "fashionable." But it is just hair, so I can always change it.

Thank goodness the German is very supportive. He likes it. The other day he even leaned over in bed, kissed me and in his sweetest voice said, "You look so great for 33."

"Thank you, honey! How sweet of you. I am only 32."


Frau said...

Looks very nice! I need a change too but not as brave as you!Have a wonderful weekend.

Snooker said...

Looks lovely and suits your face nicely. I especially like the pic with you looking over the glasses...

headbang8 said...

"But it is just hair, so I can always change it."

Hair is changeable. Bald is permanent, alas.

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good or bad, you are starting to look more like me! You are right, you can always change the color, lord knows I have changed mine alot over the years.
Love Mom

Carrie said...

I think this picture is better than the one on FB. Maybe it's that poo-poo eating grin you have on your face. haha! Looking forwrad to April! I have an Art Show on the day you get in but I think I'm going to come up that night or early the next morning.

LizE said...

You look amazing! I love the cut and especially the color. Not everyone can pull off a bold red but you sure can!

Carol said...

It's a great style for you! (And ah, to BE 32!)