Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The first of the major changes that we made occurred in January. We decided to expand our family . . . No, there is not a baby. We got a dog.

Ever since I got married, I have tried and tried to convince the German to get a dog and was always met with a resounding, "NO!" In my point of view, dogs offer child the opportunity to learn responsibility and a love different from that which they feel for friends and family. Memories of Coco, my childhood dog, still bring a tear to my eye. In the German's point of view, if you have a dog you cannot go on vacation. I never understood that argument. What are dog kennels, sitters and friends for if not to pick up your dog's poop so that you can go sip drinks on the beach?

Over New Year's we went over to his family's home. Everyone was there; aunts, uncles, Opa, Omas, cousins and nieces, and yes even a few cats and dogs. The German's cousin, who is also the Dude's Godmother, started talking to us about dogs. She pulled out a book of dog breeds. This young women possess the most amazing powers of persuasion because on the way home, the German said, "Let's get a dog."

"WHAT?" My head whipped around faster than when I see diapers on sale.

"There is only one condition. It has to be a cocker spaniel." I could live with that condition.

I thought the entire process would be long and thought out, but a few weeks later after surfing the Internet, he found her. We agreed on a certain set of criteria: an older dog (no puppies!), house broken (naturally), good with kids (hopefully), and preferably fixed. After looking at breeder sites and their ridiculous fees we found a site that rescues dogs.

This organization takes in cockers from all over Europe. The rescue them from puppy mills, pounds and even the streets. Kimka was being kept at a home just two hours from us. Not much was known about her history. She comes from Poland, where she was found on the street. She is extremely good with kids and walk well on a leash. However, she had a large tumor on one of her nipples. The organization theorizes that she was abandoned because she was sick.

After two operations, it was deemed that she is in perfect health and approximately 7 years old. The German went to check her out and when he got back it was perfectly obvious that he was smitten. "She is so beautiful and sweet! You just want to pick her up and cuddle!" Gee, honey, you do not even say those things about me anymore.

So we adopted her.

The first few weeks were fine, but now the "long haul" has settled in. The Dude is jealous to a certain extent, and also sees the dog as a play thing. However, the Dude plays rough. Kimka usually takes it, but I spend most of my mornings trying to keep the Dude from biting the dog or riding it like it is a horse.

Kimka loves to walk and run, but doing that with the Dude is difficult. I tried once with the dog on the leash and pushing the stroller. But the dog flipped out! She tried to jump into the stroller and she barked her head off. When I walk with both of them the Dude wants to be carried the entire way. It is exhausting.

Yesterday, of all days, Kimka decided that she had had enough. She bit the Dude and she left a mark. It was on his hand and left some scratches. I immediately locked the dog in my office and took care of the Dude. He calmed right down and was perfectly OK. In fact, two hours later he tried to get on Kimka again. Either the kid can take the pain or he is just not too bright.

We are hoping that this adjustment phase will end soon. Otherwise someone will be moving out and it might just be me.

On the other hand, they are kind of cute together; you know, when they are not biting each other.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Years

Yes, it has been awhile. Motherhood, work, marriage . . . it can all be so Topsy-turvey sometimes. In an effort to make things better I am going to be making a few changes. I am excited about these changes and will share them this week (if anyone still reads this anymore!).

Today, however, it is all about the Dude! Two years. Two years, my little guy. I love him so much more today than the day he was born. Is that weird? This despite the fact that he got up at 5:45am this morning and had the smelliest green poop all day.

This is such a fun time. He is developing interests and learns so quick. We can even have a conversation . . . sort of.

This is not to say that the "terrible twos" are not already making an appearence. The Dude does not like it when his (very strong) will is thwarted! I have no idea where he gets this strong will, but boy it is tough!

Sometimes I still get a little flack from other mommies I know because I let the Dude watch TV. I do not park him in front of it, but I do have to say, Thank God for Mickey Mouse! I do not feel too bad. The Dude no longer gets a pacifier, brushes his teeth, has a vocabulary over 200 words, can identify colors, letters and numbers, in German and English. He also is doing pretty well with potty training. I think we are doing okay.