Sunday, October 17, 2010


One reason that I have not really been able to articulate a lot on my blog over the past six months are the changes that have taken place in my life. As with most bloggers, our real life takes place away from the computer. And as with most bloggers, you do not always want to share (or cannot) all the intimate details of your life. Some might, but I don't. I worry to much about my blogs impact on my family, friends and professional life.

The biggest change has been a career shift. I am about to finish teaching my last English class. And then I am calling it a day. Teaching English was fun, but in the back of my mind, really just a way to pay the bills. The real fun was running a business and since I had to step back from that, my heart has not really been in it. Also, the New Yorker is pregnant and moving on to different things, and so it is for me.

Luckily, my volunteer work has turned into a full-time job. I am able to put my political science and research training to work. And I am actually getting paid! Not much, but it is a start.

However, my blog may not be the best place to talk about my research and job. So I don't. And because my work has become (especially in the past year) a central part of my life, I have not blogged much. I really did not think the mis-adventures of my two-year old were that interesting and so I was left with nada.

But here is hoping the juices get flowing.

To match the changes professionally and with the family (the Dude keeps getting bigger and bigger), the house is having to change too. Today, something happened that was both exciting and very sad.

When the Dude came home from the hospital, he slept in this:

His room was mostly defined by a large double bed. Having guests over was always difficult. We did not want to move the Dude ("You must protect the sleep schedule!"), and it was embarrassing to put married people in separate twin beds (one in my office and one in the German's)

But the Dude is a Big Boy now. And now he has a Big Boy Bed. Tonight he will sleep in this:

The double bed has moved downstairs into my office, which has gone from this:

To this:

We are having a couple of guests come and stay with us, so I am trying to make it into a little guest area. It is a little difficult to get work down while staring at that comfy bed though.

When I saw the Dude's bed, I almost started crying. When did he get so grown up? He can sing his ABC's and loves books and music and Mickey Mouse. But he is also head strong and stubborn. And now he is in a Big Boy Bed. Where does the time go?